Online learning
is valuable.

Online learning
fuels opportunity.

Online learning requires organization.

NIOL works to power improved research and practice within online learning to drive better outcomes for all.

The National Institute of Online Learning (NIOL) fuels an exploration of modern best practices for a rapidly growing discipline vital to the expansion of education to all. 

NIOL’s efforts are aimed at expanding pertinent research while broadening the discussion around the evolving practices of online learning. This effort includes alliances with industry partners, technology developers, institutional practitioners, and researchers.

Via its home on the web, papers, webinars, and research sponsorship—the Institute aims to make a lasting impact on the further evolution of online learning.  It’s a mission of improvement—continuous improvement—of the way we understand online learning and undertake efforts to expand its reach.


NIOL believes that:

Online learning is valuable.

Online learning fuels opportunity. 

Sustainable online learning requires careful organization and engineering in order to provide equal opportunities for success and achievement.

Research into the preparation, delivery, and efficacy of online learning is vital to the expansion of the field and furthering the legitimacy of its educational outcomes.

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